Meet the Gang: Luna


Luna is one of our inside cats. The other is Lennon which we recently realized is a girl and not a boy… We are idiots. To be fair though, at the time we had four kittens that were abandoned by the mother who never came back to the farm so I’m assuming a coyote disposed of her. The kitten Jeremy was going to keep who was a boy died and so Lennon was the replacement and we just assumed he was a boy.

Back to Luna, she isn’t sweet like Lennon. She has attitude and she flaunts it and loves to play and fight and climb things as high as possible. You are there strictly to let her sit on you lap only… No touching is preferred. She is a complete brat! But they are amusing together and are buddies even though they are complete opposites. So that’s Luna, our black smoke pixie bobcat.

Meet the Gang: Lennon


This is Lennon. Lennon came to us by a cat I had named Baby. I have no idea where she ended up but she had kittens under our house and I kept hearing kittens crying and figured out that Baby was gone for good. He looks exactly like her. We had them in the house for a while and Lennon was always craving attention. My husband would milk the cow in the mornings and when he came in Lennon would be waiting at the sink in the mudroom. He would literally crawl onto Jeremy’s boot and stay there the whole time he was straining and cleaning the milker. He was a lovebug and that’s how he got his name… John Lennon–All you need is love. This picture is him waiting for any droplets of milk that might happen to fall. I haven’t seen him jump on this little table so I took the picture.

He’s not too much of a fan for me. All of his love goes to my husband. If Jeremy is on the couch, Lennon is in his lap glaring at me look smug and happy. Yes, folks, that’s my life. I swear he really does glare across the couch at me. I did take a picture of it one day because Jeremy didn’t believe me and I even made a meme out of it but Jeremy won’t let me post it because he happened to be in his boxers so hopefully, I can catch his smugness which Jeremy is dressed better.


Here’s another one of him smiling, no smugness just happy as a lark