I’ve decided that in my life there are things that I can do for myself. I remember when my old boss,  Linda would see me sweeping the floor at work or cleaning up my area she would say,  “Well,  aren’t you just a little Susie homemaker.”

At the time,  I kinda thought it was silly because I was at work but the point is that at that particular time in my life I wasn’t interested in those things. It wasn’t until I met Jeremy that I got to experience cooking, canning… etc.  Whatever you want can usually come from your own hands. Back then,  I wouldn’t have said I was a homemaker at all.  Now you ask? I would say that and then some. I also want to bring back the old ways of things. I know people want efficiency and just don’t have the time but in my life I enjoy the things I can do by myself and it is very satisfying.

This blog is about connecting with your past and learning new “old” things. I don’t mean your grandma did it and so on. Everybody has a past that leads to the 1900s or even further back of a simpler time to where you existed to work for your land and your family. That’s what I want. I actually think I was born in the wrong era but I’ll try to make up for it in this one.

Join me on my adventures in this homesteading life, through my mistakes and successes but most of all; learning experience of it all.