The other day I was looking/researching plants which is what I do in my spare time (Which these days is non-existent) and I came across something interesting. Surprising to me anyway.

I’ve always been drawn to Mimosa trees, when they are in bloom they are so beautiful, little pink wisps for flowers and they smell amazing. Did you know that the flowers have a medicinal use? I wouldn’t have ever dreamed that they would but from what I’ve read, they can help aid in stress relief. You can make a tincture with the feathery light blossums.

If you follow my blog at all you should know how to make a tincture but basically you take vodka (or vegetable glycerin if you worried about the alcohol) and pour it into a mason jar over the mimosa flowers in this case and seal with a lid. Put in a dark place and shake it every couple of days for about 6 weeks.

The vodka is able to pull the plant properties out and when it’s done you strain it and write the date on the lid.

As far as how much to take… I would treat it like any other tincture, just a dropperful under the tongue.

Hope you all found this as interesting as me. Mimosa is more than just a pretty face for your yard, it also has added use!


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