New way for wood cutting

Have you ever thought about how many times throughout the process of cutting wood that you touch it? Let’s just play out a quick scenario: you go locate your logs, chainsaw cut, load into truck, split wood, and stack wood… Or locate, cut, split, load in truck, drive back home, unload into wood shed. Even after all that, you still need to take it in your house every other day during the wood burning season.
It’s definitely a lot of hard work but what if you could cut out a couple of steps?

Jeremy and I came across an opportunity that did just that. I’m sure you’ve seen your local excavating companies cutting a path through an area. Jeremy has to go out and survey that for them and noticed a lot of trees bring cut out so he asked what they did with it. They actually pay someone to come in and haul it out! So he offered to come and get it for free and they agreed! 

We don’t have to load it, they use an excavator (which I wish we had for the homestead!) and we leave our truck and trailer, when it’s ready to go they call. We pick it up after work and take it home and unload with a tractor. Less back breaking work is awesome! Plus!  We’ve already got our winter’s worth of wood and then some 🙂

We positioned it close to our yard so when we do cut and split it, we are going to put on trailer and back up to wood shed and pile it in. I dont think I’ve ever been this excited about wood season before lol It’s going to be a piece of cake! I hope anyway.
How does your wood cutting season usually go?

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