Early night, he said

Jeremy does this thing… I think it’s called being hopeful or optimistic but it’s always the same thing he uses it on which is “Babe, let’s hurry up when we get home and do our chores and make it an early night.” Which means early dinner as well… Writing this article, I’m sure you know where this is going. Obviously, being hopeful means it probably doesn’t happen. I’m not saying having hope is bad, I’m a spiritual/religious girl and without hope that doesn’t leave you much when it comes to that. In this case though, early dinner in itself is hard for me.

I’m not against this idea, I’m just very self-aware 🙂 When you have a farm/homestead, things happen and most nights… they don’t end early. Our days go like this: We get up around 5 AM and get ready for work. Right now we are raising meat birds– so after I convince myself that it’s necessary to have a secular job, I get up and get ready/dressed then pack lunch for the day then before we are about to leave I have to go check on the birds and feed and water them. I have two sets of chicks currently which is the meat birds and then I’m raising laying hens as well so that I can breed my own.

We go through the normal of a workday, decide to eat out since we needed to get 2 horses ready to take to the horse sale the next day to make it a quick easy night. My chores consist of taking care of the chicks again, taking care of the laying hens, and feeding the cats & dogs. Jeremy gets on horseback and rides out to bring the cows in which at this point is 29? I think, not counting the Jerseys. If they are being good and just down in the bottom that doesn’t take too long. Then he feeds them and feeds our jerseys, horses, and some other cows that are separated out. Last night I needed to put pine shavings into my brooder shed and my regular chores. I noticed Jeremy had been gone for a bit and I didn’t see a cow in sight so I had my mud boots on, I decided to scout around to see if I could hear him on the hill side. With the recent rain, the water was RUSHING and it was raining as well. I could occasionally hear him but not enough, I decided to cross the creek on foot (bad idea) and went all the way down to the south end. I knew the cows and him had been that way but I wasn’t sure where he was. I knew he had to be on the bluff line but couldn’t hear a thing so I cross the creek again in a deeper spot and got soaked all the way up to my butt.  After that, I needed to go change and while I was in the house, he showed up, horse soaked in rain and sweat. He told me that he was going to call him mom and by then… I’m thinking it was almost 6 pm. So, I put on my cowgirl boots and my carhart coat and went to saddle Red Man.

When you’re working, you don’t really have time to take pictures but I wish I had because it was a cattle drive for sure. They were 2.5 miles away from the farm in someone else’s field full of lush green grass. We had to cross creeks and go through old abandoned roads to get there but we found them and they weren’t separated into 2 groups, they were all together, we did a count and the 3 of us drove them to the gate opening. Everything went pretty well except they kept trying to bush up a couple of times but with a little ingenuity, we turned them the right directions and headed for home. It was dark by the time we got back and the other horses were at the gate entry when we got there so they started scattering the cows so we had to split up and chase the horses off. We finally brought the cows in and put them to graze in the south hay field to stay until   fixing the fence gets finished this weekend.

After that, we had to go in the pitch black and bring the horses back in since we needed to take 2 to the sale barn the next day. By the time, it was all said and done, it was 8:48 PM when we got into the house. I wouldn’t call that an early night… But it was fun. I did try to shoot a picture with my phone and it flashed… Scared the horse, so I put it back in my pocket so my death wouldn’t be any more eminent than it had to be.


so you can see much, but a tree line and shadows of cows and some rain but it’s proof 🙂


2 thoughts on “Early night, he said

  1. The grass is always greener on the other side, sigh. Early dinners are over rated, anyway. They never seem to happen at my house, either. Keep up the good work and I enjoy your blog!


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