So It’s Been A Bit…

Life has thrown quite a few obstacles our way in the past 5 months. I’ll try to sum it up simply by saying Jeremy’s job last November was on the outs. Someone new tried to take over so for a few months it was a tight squeeze money wise but we did okay and made due. Then in January, the new owner let us know he wouldn’t be able to sustain two offices so he would only be running his side of it and we were out. After that we ended up merging with another company and we’ve been there for 1 month and I will tell you, this blog has suffered. I’ve been super busy and not had ANY time to devote to it yet it seems I’m getting a few followers here and there and I thank you guys! Getting traffic is a big part of this, I just need to do my side and get a few posts going weekly if possible but it’s going to be hard time wise.

I just hope that I can maintain everything. The job is a necessary part of life and I just need to figure out how to balance it all. Hate to say it but it will get a little harder because as we near warmer weather, that means planting time. I’ve already started my tomatoes and peppers though my peppers are fighting me but the tomatoes have popped up 2 inches! Just bear with me through this! I’ll get the hang of it, promise.

So what’s new in your lives?? With us, the new jobs and we actually are working in the same office which is different but in the end, nice. Sometimes we get on each other’s nerves but not too bad. Concerning the farm, we are looking into solar power which would be great and eventually if that works… Off grid, yay! That’s seems far away but very cool. Our Jerseys are due this month so hopefully we’ll have some new babies and I HOPE HOPE HOPE that they have heifers!

Back to gardening life, I plan on ordering more asparagus crowns, more strawberry plants, and maybe some blueberries, blackberries, grapes, and yellow raspberries. My go to place is Simmons Plant Farm. They are relatively local (Arkansas) to our climate here in Missouri. I’ve also found some wild raspberry plants here in our woods so I pulled them up and transplanted them in my yard. We’ll see how they do. I made some blackberry/raspberry wine that was divine so I’m hoping to recreate it with local raspberries from my farm now. 

Since we’ve acquired more Muscovy ducks from our neighbor, they have NO BOUNDARIES! so I need to re-fence the garden so they’ll stay out. I don’t want to clip their wings since they seem to LOVE flying and that’s their only defense mechanism with wildlife around here so hopefully they stay out once the fence is up. I’ve been meaning to fence the garden for a while now. Every year, Dandy (our golden retriever/great Pyrenees) gets into it just as you planted everything and digs and rolls around so this ought to put a stop to him as well. Another nice thing is when the garden is done for the season, I can put my hens in there to have what’s left over and to dig and scratch around.

Speaking of chickens and gardens, one of things I want to do this year is to make a little run about half a row size (our rows are 75 ft) and put a few chickens in the run and let them scratch out the weeds and what not. I always have a hard time weeding or at least, sticking with it so this might be a great solution. If anyone has tried this, let me know how it went!

By the way, if anyone wants me to post about a particular thing I’d be glad to do it– like plant profiles or uses, farm life stuff, etc. Worst thing I can say is no… But I doubt I would unless I had completely no idea about the subject matter and even then, I’d probably research a learn 🙂

Well, that’s my update for now. I’ll try and get some good articles out for you guys soon!

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