What I Accomplished Today


This is what I did today…. I tried hot process soap making for the first time and… Gotta say I like it, need to buy more soap molds and more lye and apparently pH test strips. I think hot process is the way to go, it cures a lot faster and, really, feels easier.

I also made my first batch of shaving cream and Jeremy tried it and I attempted but in my opinion it clogs up the razor. So, I need to find a different recipe that works better then I’ll try and do a post about it.

My pear apple wine was ready to bottle so I did that as well. If you check out the Blue Missouri Skies Homestead FB page, you can see a short video of the bottles being corked. I know it’s simple, but of all the process of wine making, that has to be my favorite part!

Anyway, it was a nice day and I thought I’d share it with everyone. By the way, if you are interested in more day to day stuff the Facebook page is more where it’s at since I don’t have to write in detail about what it is a just post a picture… Just easier.

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