DIY Coffee Syrups


Okay, time for confessions here; and how many times have you scrolled through blogs where they’ve talked about loving Starbucks coffee but the price was starting to add up? I haven’t wrote about it until now but, when I worked the 40 hour work week (which I left for a part time job and the homestead) I wanted one everyday but only succumbed to one every Friday as a treat but that starts to add up.

Doing the math, let’s say you get 1 Starbucks Grande which runs $5. There are 52 weeks in a year so… that’s $260… That’s a lot of money for coffee. Not to mention I had to really cram my morning to actually get to the place and not be late for work. Also, there was no guarantee that I wouldn’t be late for work since there’s no telling how many people you’ll be waiting in line behind. I loved my Starbucks and it was hard to give it up but when Jeremy mentioned that maybe an investment would be better, that’s when my mind always clicks different. If we make an investment on something, it’s going to last longer and do more good.

So I started researching espresso makers, which is the best, customer reviews–the whole nine yards. Now the best is expensive so I had to meet in the middle. Not the 30-40 dollar ones because I had those and they didn’t do very well. Obviously not the ones similar to Starbucks…. WAY EXPENSIVE!! (Wish I had one though) The best option for me was a Cuisinart that ran around $150. Also though, you need a grinder as well. I had a little $15 one but I was starting to use that for spices so we got a grinder as well on our trip to Bed, Bath, and Beyond (which I LOVE by the way, always just fun to go and stock up on a few things, haha i said few). The coffee grinder was also a Cuisinart (automatic burr mill) and ran us $50. 

That totals us up to $200. That’s less than what a year’s worth of coffee was. I’m not totaling in the coffee prices of course but… I think you’re better off making your own and the smell of espresso in your house is just a bonus!



For a year or so I would go on ebay and buy expired Creme Brulee Starbucks syrup but even though it’s expired it’s PRICEY! Now that I work part time, I don’t feel like I should spend that kind of money. So I glanced through a few websites that made their own coffee syrups and it’s not expensive at all and also, you just use basic pantry staples. Sugar, water, and vanilla. For the most part I didn’t really follow much of a recipe, I just winged it. All I needed to know was the ingredients. I did two different ones: caramel and vanilla bean. My favorite is the vanilla bean. So here’s how I did it:

Vanilla Bean Coffee Syrup


  • 2 cups sugar
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 2 vanilla beans


  1. Put sugar and water in sauce pan over medium heat
  2. Slice the vanilla beans in half and throw in as well
  3. Bring to a boil and let that go for 3-5 minutes until it thickens slightly
  4. Turn off burner and add vanilla extract
  5. Let cool and add to your container. If it’s a mason jar which is designed for heat you can go ahead and put it in the jar. That’s it!!



Caramel Coffee Syrup


  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2 cups water, separated
  • 1 TBS Salt, optional


  1. Put sugar and 1 cup water in sauce pan and set heat to medium
  2. Stir to help sugar dissolve until it starts to boil then don’t stir anymore
  3. Let reduce down until it turns an amber color (This takes around 10 minutes), take away from heat
  4. Take the other cup of water and add to it (but be careful because the steam rising from this can burn you, I learned the hard way) it will clump up like candy so put back over heat and stir. At this point you can add salt to make it salted caramel if you so desire. Stir until completely dissolved. YOUR DONE! Put into heat safe container or wait for it to cool down.

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