Meet the Gang: Rexxie

Periodically on the blog I’m going to do little profiles on our animals. This one is going to be on Rexxie aka Rex aka T Rex. He is actually a fairly new addition to the homestead. I think we got him in August. We needed more protection for livestock so we saw an ad of a lady needing to rehome him for $100. My husband who must have been Amish in another life convinced her  to barter with us and traded 5 frozen butchered chickens, farm fresh butter, homemade strawberry freezer jam, and fresh Jersey milk.

At first, he didn’t do so great because he was use to being cooped up in a small caged area definitely too small for his energy level but now he seems to do pretty well having free reign of the 100+ acres. He is a half Great Pyrennes and half Anatolian Shepherd. He’s really personable and a good buddy to take with you on walks or just farm stuff like gathering cows. Definitely a good trade 🙂